Our story

Maurette's journey began out of a heartfelt quest for stylish and premium pet supplies to cater to the needs of our beloved cats, Maurice and Odette. Our devotion to maintaining a harmonious and tasteful home environment led us on a mission to find pet products that seamlessly blended with our interior decor. 

During our exploration, we were struck by the abundance of plastic, ostentatious, budget-looking, and often overly ornate pet supplies on the market. It became increasingly challenging to discover elegant, sophisticated, and interior-friendly options. Frustration eventually gave birth to the idea of establishing our very own brand – one that met our exacting standards.

At Maurette, our mission is to provide a range of products tailored for both cats and dogs, products that deserve a cherished place within the homes of our customers. We want our pet supplies to be an enhancement to the aesthetic appeal of your living space, rather than an eyesore that needs to be hidden away.

Maurette is the result of our profound affection for interior design and our unwavering love for our two feline friends. Our brand name emerged naturally, honoring the prominent role that Maurice and Odette played in inspiring our brand and its offerings. We combined their names, and thus, Maurette was born.

We aspire to offer our brand to anyone who, like us, places immense value on the well-being of their four-legged family members while refusing to compromise on the elegance of their home decor.

Lots of love, 

Hannes and Marjolaine